Britsh Cats Cattery Colourpoint, Silver point, Silver shaded & Cameo in Poland.

Breeding conducted with passion and love for cats.

In our Cattery you can find British cats in a variety of colours. For instance plain and tabby, as well as, very rare colours: colourpoint (c 33, c 2133, n 33, n 21 33 and more), silver point, golden point, silver shaded (ns 11, ns 12, fs 11, hs 11, ds 11, es 11) and extremely unique cameo ( red shaded and cream shaded).

You can be sure that the kittens from our British Cats cattery will meet all your expectations. They are perfect in standard of British cats. Both pet as well as breeding cats will give you joy and happiness whereas we treat those for breeding more critical . We will help you choose perfect kitten for you and your family.

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